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CarsWithoutCredit.ca will help find your new set of wheels, even if your credit score is 6 feet under.

Our network specializes in assisting people with all types of credit including consumer proposals and even bankruptcy!

Let’s start with you telling us what YOU want to drive!





This snapshot will NOT affect your credit!

Why Should You Use Cars Without Credit To Get a Car Loan?

Many Canadians are shut out of the traditional car lending market. Bad and limited credit histories should not stop ANYONE from getting reliable transportation.



Give us a little bit of info so we can start crafting your no credit car deal!



Once we receive your application, our team jumps into the ring. We fight to get the best deal on the perfect vehicle for you!



When we find the car that suits you, we can deliver it right to your door.

You've got questions, we have answers

We empower our customers by letting them take the wheel on their car purchase. You can experience a 100% online car buying experience. Simply apply for your financing, choose a car you love, and let us know when you would like your new wheels delivered right to your door.

Regardless of a customer’s credit background, we deal with them all. Whether you have poor credit, terrible credit, or no credit at all, we’ll do everything we can to offer you the lowest rate. Before you begin your search for a new automobile, you may fill out our straightforward pre-approval application and if you are unsure of your credit score or your financial situation, this application will help steer you in the right path.

Based on the automobile you select and the details you provide, we offer actual, individualized financing rates, and we work with a number of lenders to ensure we secure you the best deal possible. Accepting your financing terms and moving through with your purchase must be done within 24 hours to secure your approval. These conditions won’t alter during this time.

Most of our customers will qualify for $0 down. If we require a down payment, we will let you know as soon as we secure your approval.

Monthly payments are set up with a Pre-Authorized Debit from your bank.


Most of the automobiles we are selling were acquired directly from fellow Canadians like you. Along with off-lease automobiles, we will also purchase vehicles from various other sources. Every vehicle we provide is accompanied by a free CARFAX report, which offers independent details about a car’s past so you can know exactly where it came from.

Each of our vehicles has a comprehensive list of features and characteristics. We can also use any of our dynamic filters while shopping for a car to discover exactly what you need.

When you submit an application for monthly payments, a hard check will be made. Although this will only have a minor influence on your credit score, we advise not applying for any new credit within 30 days of this one to avoid a more substantial one.

Yes! You can submit your trade-in. Following a few inquiries regarding the vehicle you desire to trade in, you will receive an immediate, customized trade-in offer. 

To assess the worth of your car, we consider its location, condition, and a fair market resource known as the Canadian Black Book. Your trade-value in’s will be good for seven days.

Negative equity is when you owe more money on your car than the amount it is currently valued at. But don’t worry! We can help.

Yes. The remaining sum on your current loan will be added to the price of your new automobile as a lien payout if you are still eligible to trade in your vehicle even though you currently owe more than the trade-worth. in’s

Yes! Any outstanding balance on your current loan will be deducted from the total offer value as a lien payout.

The registration form, which should be in your glovebox, is the only item you need to be concerned about. To transfer the car to us, you must sign this document with your name on it. The rest will be handled by us.

Want to learn even more about credit rebuilding, credit reporting and debt management?

We work with 15 lenders to find you the best approval every time

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